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November 30, 2016
From the Home Front
Appeal of the First Order – The Favor of Reply Please
by John D. Richardson
Dear People of God,
Family, friends, bishops, clergy, churches, brothers and sisters in Christ in every form, two weeks ago I asked you to pray about becoming involved in a wondrous work of God. It’s The God Ask! Is God calling you to sustain the college chaplaincy at Oglethorpe University? Does He want you to reorganize your giving to keep us right where we are in the midst of a vibrant and growing ministry? I am pleased to report, with just three significant commitments of $10,000 or more, we are 1/3 of the way there. Would you let us know if you are praying about a commitment? If you have prayed, would you let us know what the Lord has put upon your heart? Won’t you help us reach the goal?
This ministry has so much potential. We had a worship service on campus the night of the 16th when I wrote you last. A young man named Brendan approached me at the end of the service. He had never been. We had never met. He asked if we could talk. I said sure and asked if he wanted to meet for coffee. Then I looked in his eyes and asked, “You want to talk now, don’t you?” An hour and half later I put my hand on his shoulder and asked Brendan if he wanted to surrender his life to Christ. And he did. As we finished he said he was headed to Wal-Mart to buy a bible. I handed him mine. Brendan was one of thirteen students in our home for bible study the next Monday night. And he called me this past Sunday morning to say he was leaving church with a recent graduate I have discipled over the last two years. What an honor to be involved intimately in the lives of these young men and women and this work of God!

Please, let me hear from you.

With m uch love and blessings, I remain
Yours t ruly,
John for us all
PS See all the “ways to contribute” below.
Various Excerpts and Links
by John D. Richardson
Just in case you’ve not heard lately the drum I always beat! 
61 years after the Church became a part of the Roman Empire:
“And what is out condition? Love is grown cold; the teaching of the fathers is being laid waste; everywhere is shipwreck of the Faith. The mouths of the faithful are silent; the people driven from the houses of prayer, lift up their hands in the open air to their Lord which is in heaven. Our afflictions are heavy, martyrdom is nowhere to be seen, because those who evilly entreat us are called by the same name as ourselves.”
Basil to Ascholius, 374 AD
The barbarians and the faithful are called the same thing, Christian. The barbarians are not at the gate. They are within it! Is it starting to look a lot like 374?
Some Recent Sermons/Articles:


Are you looking for a church, a called out people of God, in the Brookhaven/Northeast Atlanta? Are you looking for a one rooted in the faith once delivered to twhitbaptism he Apostles of Jesus Christ and yet fearless in its engagement of the modern world? One not fossilizing nor faddish?


Are you looking for a church where relationships, vertical and horizontal, are more important than the size and worldly success of an organization? Longing for a church that exist for the sake of others?
Are you looking for a church in which following Jesus is more important than being a fan of his?
Welcome then to Grace Community: An Ancient Future Church! Contact me by comment to postings at or directly by e-mail at .
John Richardson
Missionary Pastor


Ways to Contribute
To contribute to “Grace Community” by mail, please send a check made payable to “The Church of Grace Community, Atlanta, Inc.” and mail to Grace  Community at P.O. Box 190523, Atlanta, GA, 31119-0523.
Additionally, some of you routinely give through the National Christian Foundation or NCF. We now have an NCF charity profile page. Check it out. Search for Grace Community.
And below, at the bottom of this letter, is a “donate” button by which you can give through PayPal, the preferred manner for many in a younger generation.
Grace Community is a member church of the Anglican Diocese of the South, a diocese of the  Anglican Church of North America (ACNA) and incorporated as a not for profit in the State of Georgia with IRS 501(c)(3) Determination.  Again, consider sustaining this small platoon as we battle ever onward.
Give through PayPal here:
John D. Richardson, Pastor
Grace Community: An Ancient Future Church
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