Appeal of the First Order – The God Ask

Appeal of the First Order – The God Ask
by John D. Richardson
Dear People of God,
A while back I was having coffee with a fellow campus pastor. We were talking marathons. I told him he was just 18 weeks away from running his first. Within moments he was back in my face saying essentially, “You could fully fund your ministry in the same amount of time. ReadThe God Ask.”
I made the my way through the book. Parts were challenging. If nothing else the book highlighted my angst about asking others to fund myministry. But its main point was something that I could not dispute and could not shake. When I ask folks for money I am inviting them to pray about partnering with God in something He is doing. If He wants them give, He will reorder their priorities and direct them to give. I ask. He closes.
Toward that end, will you pray perhaps in a way you have never prayed before? We came here to Atlanta to plant a relational neighborhood church. God had other plans, a vibrant college ministry on the campus of Oglethorpe University. We walked into His plans, through the door He opened. Last Monday night we had more students in our home for Bible study than we had in church for worship on Sunday. Grace in its current form is on hold (see note below). We are all in for “the ask” for this ministry where God is giving great favor and that’s on the campus of Oglethorpe University.
Three years ago we began work on a campus with no chartered Christian organizations. Some students even weighed in, “The only thing you can’t be on campus is a Christian.” Three years later there are four chartered groups and Christians everywhere practicing their faith. Sunday night a coll ege student was baptized. Another is making similarplans. Lives are being touched. Some are being changed eternally. Hear what freshman Evan Furst has to say:
“One of the primary reasons I chose Oglethorpe was because it is not a religiously affiliated university. Coming from a very small, very Christian high school, I was excited to dive into a world of diversity I didn’t get to experience in those four years. I’ve loved getting to know and experience all of the different people and belief systems on campus and having an active chaplain on campus has made that experience even more exciting. While I get to learn other religions, I have a place to go to grow my own faith. Even outside of all of the numerous eventsinvolving the chaplain, pasta dinner, CS Lewis Huddle, Tribute, and more, I still feel that he is accessible outside of those if I ever have any questions or need to talk something out.
Chaplain John Richardson is actively involved in all of the Christian organizations on campus. He is wildly unapologetic about his faith and that has an influence not only on the already-believing students around him, but on the campus as a whole. Having someone so devoted to Christ on campus adds depth to the diversity of people on campus. The chaplaincy also adds a multitude of programs on campus. It seems like every time I turn around, there’s a new Christian event to be a part of. Every different event attracts different people, so we get to know different believers on different levels pretty frequently. It is a hugely positive influence for those who are in such a developmental stage as everyone is in college. As I’m building the foundation for the rest of my life, being influenced by a chaplain who has such a strong passion for fostering relationships with Jesus is extraordinarily positive and comforting.”
Nations do not become Christian without youth becoming or remaining Christians in those early years of independence. And college ministries on the campuses of secular universities do not happen without Christians like you catching the vision and praying about whether God wants you to reorder your priorities to sustain the life of His work.
Family, friends, bishops, clergy, churches, brothers and sisters in Christ in every form, will you pray? We are looking for commitments of 3 to 5 years to keep us planted right where we are, annual commitments of $1,000, $3,000, $5,000 or $10,000. Will you pray? Will you pray now and give us the favor of a reply by November 30? Drop me an email and let me know if you are all in. I am convicted to ask as this is about life saving and life changing ministry. I ask. You pray. He closes, whether yay or nay. If I can aid your discernment with or call or visit, do not hesitate to ask.

Meanwhile, as always, we would be honored by any gifts you entrust to us. You may mail gifts to Grace  Community at P.O. Box 190523, Atlanta, GA, 31119-0523. Additionally, some of you routinely give through the National Christian Foundation or NCF. We now have an NCF charity profile page. Check it out. Search for Grace Community. And below, at the bottom of this letter, is a “donate” button by which you can give through PayPal, the preferred manner for many in a younger generation. We are a qualified 501(c)(3) with determination letter in hand. Again, consider sustaining this small platoon as we battle ever onward.

With m uch love and blessings, I remain
Yours t ruly,
John for us all
Ways to Contribute
To contribute to “Grace Community” by mail, please send a check made payable to “The Church of Grace Community, Atlanta, Inc.” and mail to:
Grace Community
3272 Lynwood Drive NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30319
Grace Community is a PEARUSA affiliated Anglican Church incorporated as a not for profit in the State of Georgia with IRS 501(c)(3) Determination.
Give through PayPal here:
John D. Richardson, Pastor
Grace Community: An Ancient Future Church
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